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Wageningen, The Netherlands–(November 10, 2009–BUSINESS WIRE)—Dyadic Nederland BV (“Dyadic Netherlands”), the research and development arm of Dyadic International, Inc. (Pink Sheets: DYAI)(“Dyadic”) announced today that it has joined the Industrial Platform of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation (the “Kluyver Centre”). This platform consists of both small to medium enterprise companies and multinationals involved in the field of industrial fermentation. Industrial Platform members link to the Kluyver Centre and benefit from direct, confidential access to results from the Kluyver Centre’s pre-commercialisation research activities. Membership will also enable Dyadic Netherlands to rapidly access an extended network of world class scientists.

By joining the Kluyver Centre’s Industrial Platform, Dyadic Netherlands will be actively involved in the Kluyver Centre’s research program entitled, “Filamentous Fungi for Proteins and Peptides,” but also intends to contribute to the centre by their experience in genomics of industrially relevant fungal strains. Jan Wery, Director Research and Development of Dyadic Netherlands stated: “As genomics research has become pivotal for the development of cutting edge enzyme technology at Dyadic, it is very important for us to stay connected to the state-of-the-art developments in this area. The Kluyver Centre is one of the outstanding consortia and provides this research and knowledge.” Wim van der Wilden, General Manager of Dyadic Netherlands added: “Our participation in the Kluyver Centre, in conjunction with our involvement in different European consortia such as the Eurofung Network, will support our goal of strengthening the position of Dyadic Netherlands in the Dutch biotech sector as well as the broader international biotech arena.”


Dyadic Netherlands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dyadic based in Wageningen, the Netherlands that is dedicated to research and development activities for the benefit of Dyadic, its collaborators and customers. Please visit Dyadic Netherlands’ website at

Dyadic is an early-stage biotechnology company that uses its patented and proprietary technologies to conduct research, development and commercial activities for the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of products and solutions for the bioenergy, industrial enzyme and biopharmaceutical industries. In particular, Dyadic uses its Trichoderma and C1 fungal strains in the production of its industrial enzymes. Dyadic also utilizes an integrated technology platform based on its patented and proprietary C1 fungus which enables the development and large scale manufacture of low cost proteins and enzymes for diverse market opportunities. The C1 platform technology can also be used to screen for the discovery of novel genes and proteins. Dyadic aggressively pursues licensing arrangements and other commercial opportunities to leverage the value of these technologies by providing its partners and collaborators with the benefits of manufacturing and/or utilizing the enzymes which these technologies help produce. Please visit Dyadic’s website at


The Netherlands-based Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation is one of the Centres of Excellence of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative, which pursue the highest standards in genomics research. The Kluyver Centre employs microbial genomics to improve microorganisms for use in industrial fermentation processes. Fermentation is used in the production, from renewable feedstocks, of food products and ingredients, beverages, pharmaceutical compounds, nutraceuticals, and fine and bulk chemicals. The research covers the following programmes: (1) Yeast for chemicals, fuels and beverages; (2) Filamentous fungi for proteins and peptides; (3) Lactic acid bacteria for fermented foods and food ingredients; (4) Systems biology of industrial micro-organisms; and (5) Industrial genomics for society. The Kluyver Centre is a consortium of Delft University of Technology, the universities of Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht, VU University Amsterdam, Wageningen University and Research Centre, NIZO food research and TI Food and Nutrition. Other companies represented in the Kluyver Centre’s Industrial Platform include: Applikon, Bird Engineering, FrieslandCampina, DSM, Heineken, PURAC, Danone, Tate & Lyle and Nestlé. The Kluyver Centre seeks to further expand its industrial platform with companies active in the field of industrial fermentation. Please visit the Kluyver Centre’s website at


Certain statements contained in this press release are forward- looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause Dyadic’s actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, Dyadic expressly disclaims any intent or obligation to update any forward-looking statements.


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