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JUPITER, FL – January 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dyadic International, Inc. (OTCQX: DYAI) (“Dyadic”) announced today that Robert D. Burke, MD has resigned from the Board of Directors of Dyadic (the ‘Board’) and all related board committees to which he served which included the compensation, and nominating committees of the board effective January 18, 2016.

Dr. Burke has served on Dyadic’s board of directors since June 2008. “We appreciate Robert’s leadership and his contributions over the past eight years as the company has undergone a successful transformation and in helping guide the company through the sale of Dyadic’s Industrial Biotechnology business to DuPont’s (NYSE: DD) Industrial Biosciences for $75 Million” said Michael Tarnok, Dyadic’s Chairman. Mr. Tarnok further commented that “The Board and management of Dyadic would like to thank Robert for his service to Dyadic and we wish him well in his future business endeavors”.

“I am proud of our accomplishments over the past eight years and I am grateful for the support I’ve received from the Board of Directors and the management team. Dyadic is now well financed and positioned to expand its presence in biopharmaceutical’s and I plan on remaining a shareholder.” said Dr. Burke.

About Dyadic International, Inc.

Dyadic International, Inc. is a global biotechnology company which uses patented, licensed and proprietary technologies to conduct research, development and commercial activities for the development and manufacturing of human and animal vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars and/or biobetters, and other therapeutic proteins.  Dyadic utilizes an integrated technology platform based on the patented and proprietary strains of the C1 microorganism, which enables the development and large scale manufacture of low cost proteins. Dyadic believes that the C1 technology platform has potential to be a safe and efficient expression system that may help speed up the development and production of biologics at flexible commercial scales. In particular, as the aging population grows in developed and undeveloped countries, Dyadic believes C1 may help bring biologic drugs to market faster, in greater volumes and at lower cost to drug developers and manufacturers and, hopefully, to patients and the healthcare system. Dyadic pursues research & development collaborations, licensing arrangements and other commercial opportunities to leverage the value of its technologies by providing its partners and collaborators with the benefits of developing and manufacturing and/or utilizing the biopharmaceuticals which these technologies help produce. Please visit Dyadic’s website at for additional information, including details regarding Dyadic’s plans for its biopharmaceutical business.

Dyadic trades on the OTCQX tier of the OTC marketplace. Investors can find real-time quotes, market information and financial reports for Dyadic, as well as additional information related to its professional liability lawsuit, in the company’s annual and quarterly reports which are filed with the OTC markets. Please visit the OTC markets website at

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