The C1 technology has been successfully developed and commercialized to produce high concentrations of enzymes & proteins at very large industrial scale at low cost. The utility of the C1 expression system is well-established within the biofuels and industrial enzyme industries where active enzymes have been produced at concentrations over 100 g/L at up to 500,000 liter scale. In addition to Dyadic’s own commercial efforts in the industrial biotechnology industry, renowned companies such as Abengoa, BASF, Codexis/Shell and DuPont have and are developing enzymes using the C1 technology.

Since the successful sale of Dyadic’s industrial biotech business to DuPont for US$75 million on December 31, 2015, we have been focused on applying the C1 technology platform to help enhance the development and manufacturing of biologic vaccines and drugs.  According to the World Health Organization, the vaccine market is estimated to be ~ US$100 billion by the year 2025.

Dyadic is one of a consortium of companies participating in the EU sponsored ZAPI research program (see below summary).  ZAPI is a program sponsored by the EU suitable for the rapid development and production of vaccines and protocols to fast-track registration of developed products to combat epidemic Zoonotic diseases that have the potential to affect the human population.

We achieved encouraging results, knowledge and experience in vaccine development from our prior research collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur that we believe can be leveraged and built upon with other partners.  During the collaboration, meaningful improvements were made to the C1 expression system to produce antigens of interest that Sanofi further tested in mice trials.  The mice trial data indicated that the C1 produced antigen generated an equal or better immune response in mice than the industry standard antigen.

Looking forward, leveraging this knowledge and experience we expect to be able to generate a greater, new and enhanced interest in the C1 technology for developing and manufacturing biologic vaccines.

Tab 1 Vaccines