The White Strain™

Dyadic’s C1 White Strain™:  Potential To produce high levels of purer proteins

C1 Technology

Dyadic’s C1 White Strain™ was isolated after a series of serendipitous random mutations of the filamentous fungus C1 (Myceliophthora thermophila).  The C1 White strain maintained the same advantageous high yield, and low viscosity properties of the C1 HC strains, with an additional beneficial mutation that led to the ability to express proteins with much higher purity.

C1 White Strains™ have successfully been used in production of both single and multiple heterologous proteins derived from fungal, bacteria, bacterial-directed evolution, mammalian, human and viral strains. Our C1 White Strain™ is capable of being fermented at large commercial scale at high expression levels with high purity. Typically the target proteins are secreted into the liquid medium, further facilitating simple harvest procedure and simpler recovery and purification.  We have also successfully expressed and extracted cell membrane bound proteins using the C1 White Strains.

Using the C1 White Strain we expect our collaborators can achieve high yields of purer targeted proteins with reduced background protein levels which should make it easier to purify and recover the targeted protein of interest.

C1 received a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) designation from the FDA, with no  viruses detected, no mycoplasmas, and no detectable mycotoxins (FDA, 2009).

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