C1 Technology

C1 Propagules

At Dyadic We believe that biologics developed using the most proficient cell expression platform will reduce time to market, increase pricing flexibility, provide the widest patient access, and ultimately prove the best reimbursement model to healthcare.


Based on our academic and commercial collaborations, we believe experts in academia and industry regard Dyadic’s C1 Expression System as among the foremost expression systems in the world.


Over the past two decades Dyadic has developed an industrially proven expression system based on the fungus Myceliophthora thermophila, nicknamed C1. The C1 technology is a robust and versatile fungal expression system for gene discovery, development, and production of enzymes and other proteins. Dyadic’s C1 Expression System is an optimized and industrially proven system that turns genes into a broad range of valuable products.  The C1 Technology Platform helps to overcome some of the inadequacies of existing expression technologies used for gene discovery, product development and commercialization. The patented and proprietary C1 Expression System is one of a very few commercially available solutions able to efficiently uptake genes and develop highly scalable industrial processes to produce large volumes of affordable enzymes and other protein products. This fully programmable system is robust, flexible, and safe and has produced products in some of the largest fermenters used in the biotechnology industry.

Based on our academic and commercial collaborations, we believe experts in academia and industry regard Dyadic’s C1 expression system as among the foremost expression systems in the world. Prior to the DuPont Transaction, we had successfully licensed our C1 expression system, on a non-exclusive basis, to some of the world’s largest and most renowned industrial biotechnology companies such as Abengoa, BASF, Codexis, among others.

We are optimistic about the impact that the C1 expression system may have on the development and manufacturing of biologic vaccines and drugs and that utilizing the C1 expression system may be the critical differentiator in allowing Dyadic, our collaborators and licensees to compete in these technology-driven markets. Further, we believe biologics developed without the most productive expression system will face reimbursement challenges.


The Company has long believed that the pharmaceutical field is one of the most attractive opportunities in which the C1 technology may be applied.  We believe the C1 technology platform has potential to be a safe and efficient expression system that may help speed up the development and production of biologics at flexible commercial scales.  In particular, as the aging population grows in developed and undeveloped countries, Dyadic believes C1 can potentially help bring biologic drugs to market faster, in greater volumes and at lower cost to drug developers and manufacturers.  This can potentially improve access and reduce costs to patients and the healthcare system, and most importantly save lives.

  • Potential to improve therapeutic vaccine and drug performance
  • Potential to remove a critical bottleneck in protein development and manufacturing processes
  • Allows for rapid scaling
  • Potential to significantly lower CapEx and OpEx


The combination of a portion of the proceeds from the DuPont transaction and additional industry and government funding that is being sought is expected to provide Dyadic with the opportunity to accelerate further development and optimization of the C1 technology in the area of biopharmaceuticals. In addition, the unique attributes of C1 may create attractive research, licensing, collaboration and other opportunities if C1 demonstrates operational efficiencies and reduced capital requirements for biologic vaccine and drug manufacturers.

DYadic is seeking Research collaborations, Government Funding, Partners, and sub-licensees in which to apply the C1 platform in the vaccine, antibody, biosimilar and Biobetters industries