The Dyadic Story


The rich history of Dyadic represents a microcosm of how modern biotechnology is revolutionizing science, medicine, agriculture, and engineering to improve how we feed, fuel, and heal the world.

Going forward we intend to focus on the pharmaceutical industry which we have long believed is one of the most attractive opportunities in which to apply the C1 technology.  We believe that the C1 technology platform has the potential to be a safe and efficient expression system to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies speed up the development and lower the cost of manufacturing biologic vaccines and drugs to bring more affordable treatments to a greater number of patients, while helping to ease the burden biologic drugs are having on patients and the global healthcare systems, but most importantly saving lives. 

For Dyadic, the journey can be described as going from “Jeans to Genes”: pioneering the use of pumice stones to stonewash blue jeans in the early 1980s, shifting along with the industry to enzymes in the middle of the decade, then beginning a new journey with the discovery of a filamentous fungal strain, nicknamed C1, suitable for producing cellulase and other enzymes in the early 1990s.  Over the next two decades, Dyadic has built the knowledge, expertise, molecular tools, and technology needed to create and commercialize one of the world’s premiere gene expression systems, the C1 Technology Platform.  During C1’s development, we identified two serendipitous mutations:  the first changed the morphology of our organism, resulting in high productivity and better growth conditions;  the second created our C1 White StrainTM, which allows for the production of purer enzymes and other proteins at high productivity.

On December 31, 2015 Dyadic sold substantially all the assets of its Industrial Technology business to DuPont’s Industrial Biosciences business for US$75 million in cash. Following completion of the transaction, Dyadic intends to focus exclusively on its biopharmaceutical business.     DuPont has granted back to Dyadic co-exclusive rights to the C1 technology for use in human and animal pharmaceutical applications, with exclusive ability to enter into sub-license agreements in that field.

The combination of a portion of the proceeds from the US$75 million DuPont transaction and additional industry and government funding that will be sought are expected to provide Dyadic with the ability to focus on and accelerate the further development and optimization of the C1 technology in the area of biopharmaceuticals.  In addition, the unique attributes of C1 may create attractive licensing opportunities through operational efficiencies and reduced requirements for licensee capital expenditures.

With the speed of advancements in synthetic genomics and biotechnology, which some experts say is happening faster than Moore’s Law, it is vital to bridge the gap between high yield, low cost, large scale industrial biotechnology, and low yield, high cost, small scale biopharmaceuticals.  We believe C1 can help bridge this gap and we are now starting to introduce this breakthrough technology to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Dyadic today is still led by its pioneering founder, and its management team has a unique mix of established industry veterans.

Dyadic is seeking partnerships to sub-license or partner its C1 platform technology in the vaccine, antibody and biosimilar industries

C1 “INSIDE®” Biopharmaceuticals BRINGS  diverse OPPORTUNITIES

Tab 1 Vaccines




  • 1979

    Dyadic founded by Mark Emalfarb

  • Early 1980’s

    Pioneered the use of pumice stones to stonewash blue jeans

  • Late 1980's

    Shifted along with the industry to enzymes at the end of the decade

  • 1992

    Began a new journey with the discovery of a filamentous fungal strain suitable for producing enzymes, now known as C1

  • 1990's

    For the next two decades, Dyadic built the knowledge, expertise, molecular tools, and technology needed to create and commercialize one of the world’s premiere gene expression systems known today as C1

  • 2006

    Licensed technology to Abengoa Bioenergy to begin development of enzymes used in the production of advanced biofuels

  • 2008

    Codexis, Inc. and Dyadic International (USA), Inc. announced a license agreement covering use of Dyadic’s C1 expression system for large-scale production of enzymes in certain fields including biofuels and chemical and pharmaceutical intermediate production

  • 2011

    Began development of vaccine with Sanofi Pasteur

  • 2013

    Licensed to technology to global chemical leader BASF for industrial applications

  • 2014

    C1-based enzymes are produced at 500,000 liter scale to support Abengoa’s 25 million gallon Hugoton advanced biofuel facility; two separate mutations identified: the first changed the morphology of our organism, resulting in high productivity and better growth conditions, and the second created our C1 White StrainTM


  • 2015

    Dyadic shareholders voted to approve the sale of the Industrial Enzyme Business to Danisco US Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company which closed December 31, 2015

  • 2016

    Dyadic develops C1 platform technology as an expression host for vaccines, biosimilars and new products

  • 2016-2018

    Dyadic’s future for C1 includes: developing robust high C1 host strain for biopharmaceutical applications, developing versatile easy to use construct library based on system biology, developing glycoengineered C1 strain to resemble human protein-glycosylation structure

  • Early 2018

    Dyadic enters into a research & development collaboration with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation to Produce Two Target Proteins in C1

  • 2018

    Dyadic Announces Research Collaboration with Sanofi-Aventis

  • 2018

    Dyadic Files Initial Form 10 Registration Statement with the SEC

  • 2019

    Dyadic Up-lists to the Nasdaq Capital Market ** Sub-Licensing Agreements signed with Luina Bio and Alphazyme ** Dyadic and Serum Institute of India to Develop and Manufacture Globally Affordable and Accessible Antibody Products & Vaccines

  • 2020

    Advancing Dyadic’s proprietary COVID-19 vaccine candidate: DYAI-100 towards a first-in-human clinical trial ** Expanding commercial opportunities of C1 technology through 11 new and 2 expanded collaborations for human and animal health applications ** C1 selected by ZAPI as a vaccine manufacturing platform for more efficient production of antigens that are safe, effective and protective