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Major Scientific Collaborations

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  • Dyadic is currently carrying out certain of our internal and external research projects in conjunction with DuPont at our former research center in Wageningen, The Netherlands.  We believe in the saying that “The expression system is not everything, but everything is nothing without a good expression system.”
  • We believe that by utilizing our former scientific staff, along with the assistance of DuPont scientists that the C1 Expression System will be successfully engineered for use by the biopharmaceutical industry to help develop and manufacture biologic vaccines and drugs faster, at higher yields and purity, and at lower costs.
SCRIPPS, Jupiter, Florida
Jupiter, Florida
  • One of the world’s largest and most reputable biomedical research organizations
  • Performed the first automatic annotation of the C1 genome, allowing identification of key metabolic functions that influence expression of genes and facilitate the use of advanced genetic technologies
  • Re-annotated the C1 genome in 2009-2010
    • Expands knowledge of C1 genetics
    • Provides information and knowledge to improve C1 platform technology — do more for less at higher yields
    • Provides new product candidates and enzyme catalysts to improve manufacturing processes
    • Enables entry into new markets
BTR logo

Manitowoc, Wisconsin

  • Bio-Technical Resources (BTR), a division of Arkion Life Sciences, is a contract research organization with expertise in areas of strain and process development for fermentation of microbial products
  • Dyadic has worked with BTR continuously since 1995 on a variety of development programs
    • Production of several commercial enzyme products, most notably C1
    • Commercial scale production of neutral cellulase enzymes
    • Development and commercialization of recombinant cellulase and xylanase enzyme products utilizing the Dyadic platform technology
Zeist, The Netherlands

Zeist, The Netherlands

  • TNO Quality of Life is a contract research organization sponsored by the Dutch government and is one of the institutes comprising The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research
  • The TNO scientists working with Dyadic are widely recognized as leaders in the area of fungal genetics and molecular biology
  • Since 1998, Dyadic has worked with TNO on a variety of development programs
    • Development of technologies for gene expression, gene knock outs and gene discovery (low protease C1 strains and C1 molecular toolkit)
    • Optimization of the C1 platform technology