Strain & Process Development


Bringing better products to market faster

Dyadic’s research teams have the proven ability to bring fermentation products to market in minimal time. This is largely due to the pairing of strain and fermentation development processes, so that information from one naturally leads to improvements in the other.

The success of this approach is evident in Dyadic’s first major research program — the discovery and development of neutral cellulases in C1. Within one year, the wild strain of fungus discovered in the soil of eastern Russia was brought to commercial reality by Dyadic researchers. This achievement was followed by another significant advance when the same researchers tripled C1’s enzyme levels the next year.

Dyadic researchers have brought a number of new products to market through the innovative and thoughtful melding of strain and process development. Whether by classical mutagenesis and screening, recombinant DNA methodologies, or fermentation optimization — singly or in combination — Dyadic can develop the solutions to bring better products to commercial reality faster and at a reduced cost.

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