Fermentation processes utilize microorganisms to produce commercial products for such diverse industries, as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food ingredients, industrial and specialty enzymes, diagnostics and bio-insecticides and pesticides. Dyadic has broad experience and extensive know-how to optimize and scale up fermentation processes, ranging from biological process development and optimization to commercial scale production.

Dyadic’s vast expertise — paired with its manufacturing capabilities and readily available capacities from small to very large (up to 150,000 liter) fermenters — offer competitive costs while providing access to a continual supply of the biological products, both today and in the future.

Our services are fully integrated from the development of new or existing bio-processes at the lab-scale to pilot-scale and large-scale commercial production of economically viable bio-products. Utilizing these services from Dyadic allows others to use valuable resources to focus on core competencies – product discovery, development, marketing and distribution, not on large capital expenditures.

Dyadic’s groundbreaking technology also enables the company to provide integrated genomics solutions from gene discovery to manufacturing process. C1 is the only integrated system equipped to go from robotic gene discovery to commercial manufacturing within the same organism, thereby significantly increasing the chance of commercializing newly discovered gene products while dramatically shortening the time to commercialization.


Whether you need additional capacity for existing fermentation production, or would like to develop a new large-scale process of up to 150 cubic meters, Dyadic can support you in meeting the manufacturing needs of your growing business or products.

We will help you to match available resources building confidence that your product will be manufactured to meet your expectations in terms of confidentiality, time, quality, cost and reliable product delivery. Dyadic’s proprietary technology and the company’s manufacturing partners can assist you in meeting your production needs for most microorganisms used in industry.

Additionally, Dyadic can assist in meeting your manufacturing requirements, including meeting cGMP requirements, for most biological processes requiring solvent purification, protein separation, additional organic chemical modification, formulation and specialized packaging.


Dyadic has knowledge and experience working with a wide range of fermentation processes.

We have the ability to leverage our technologies for the benefit of our customers and their products. Dyadic is committed to continuous improvement of our core competencies and our continued investment in research and development to improve our technology base.

The Dyadic team has rapidly and efficiently scaled-up fermentation processes many times — taking pilot plant processes and transforming them to a larger scale of up to 150 cubic meters. Dyadic’s accomplishments in this arena stem from the strong interaction between fermentation development researchers and plant operating personnel, ensuring success in bringing products to full-scale production at economically viable costs.

Dyadic has the background and expertise to assist you in expanding your existing technology to production scale, scaling up your lab scale process to full-scale production, or developing a more economical production process for your products.

All work is subject to secrecy agreements and we pride ourselves on building client confidence through long-term business relationships.

After a confidentiality agreement has been executed, experts from both the customer and Dyadic meet, exchange information, agree on the scope of the project, and work together to ensure successful commercialization of your product or technology.

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