Research and Development

Dyadic strongly believes that growth in research and development activities funded by third parties not only benefits our current business but is also a forward indicator of future prospects as these research projects often evolve and grow into additional revenue-generating opportunities for Dyadic.

Dyadic conducts research and development activities at facilities located in Wageningen, The Netherlands and Jupiter, Florida.

Dyadic Netherlands

Dyadic Netherlands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dyadic that is dedicated to research and development activities for the benefit of Dyadic, its collaborators and customers.

Dyadic Netherlands is a member of the Industrial Platform of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation and a partner in the Eurofung Project (European scientific and industrial network on fungal research).


Scientists at Dyadic Netherlands have core competencies in the following areas:

— Molecular biology
— Fermentation technology
— Enzymology
— Biofuel application technology

R&D Services

— Provide on-site enzyme production
— Assist in producing customized C1 fungal strains for the manufacturing of diverse enzymes and other proteins at high yields and low cost
— Overexpression and commercial production of heterologous and homogenous enzymes and other proteins using fungal expression systems for multiple industry applications
— Access to enzymes and other proteins produced by Dyadic’s fungal strains
— Development of tailor-made C1 strains for application in biofuels and bio-based chemical production processes based on selected waste streams
— Development of enzyme cocktails tailored to meet the needs of the customer

For more information about Dyadic’s research and development activities and capabilities, please visit and click here for the Dyadic Netherlands website.

Jupiter Florida Lab

Dyadic’s lab in Jupiter, Florida is focused on analytical analysis such as enzyme activity assays and protein characterization.

Biofuels R&D includes the following activities:

— Lignocellulosic biomass saccharification
— Small scale enzyme purification
— Optimization of product formulations

Scientists also conduct quality assurance, product stability studies and provide technical sales support.

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