Discover and develop new biopharmaceutical products. Produce antibodies and other therapeutic proteins. Get help in shepherding a protein through the FDA process. Dyadic has the expertise and proprietary technology to translate breakthrough science into breakthrough treatments for patients.

From lab to market

Dyadic is in the advanced stage of development of its C1 integrated platform technology, which is expected to become one of the most efficient discovery and development tools for moving novel drugs from lab concept to the clinic and, ultimately, to the market.

This integrated technology platform, which utilizes Dyadic’s proprietary fungal host organism, C1, can produce sufficient quantities of protein for animal studies, clinical trials, and for product manufacturing. Dyadic’s C1 technology platform can help pharmaceutical companies discover and characterize novel genes and proteins of therapeutic interest that can lead to the development of protein therapeutics, antibody drugs and diagnostic products.

Because the same C1 host organism is used from new protein-drug discovery to commercial-scale manufacturing, the probability of success in bringing drug candidates from the research program to the market is enhanced. Furthermore, Dyadic will continue to enhance its C1 protein expression system to virtually assure that newly-discovered therapeutic proteins can be mass-produced for medical use. Collectively, these new and powerful methods make up Dyadic’s Functional Proteomics Program.

Strategic Partnerships

Dyadic expects to develop strategic partnerships to identify and develop novel human protein drugs and vaccines and new improved versions of existing biotherapeutics. Dyadic is looking for partners who have proven expertise and the infrastructure to successfully shepherd a protein-drug candidate through the FDA approval process, and then successfully commercialize it.

Dyadic is particularly interested in those companies that have the breadth and experience in developing highly specialized assays that are critical to the screening efforts for any new drug candidate. Dyadic’s goal is to become a significant technology provider to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help them discover, develop, and manufacture protein-based drugs. Dyadic’s expertise will speed the transfer of its partners’ drugs from laboratory to clinic to market.