Bio-based Chemicals

Accelerate the development of new chemical products. Increase manufacturing yield. Decrease the costs of known production processes. Dyadic enables novel biological processes for the discovery and manufacture of bulk, specialty and fine chemicals.

Enzyme discovery and beyond
The chemical industry is comprised of three major segments: commodity, specialty and fine chemicals. To serve these segments, Dyadic expects to utilize its C1 integrated technology platform to help enable the discovery, development and manufacture of high performance enzymes that may increase manufacturing yield, decrease the costs of known processes, or accelerate the development of new chemical products. Through C1 licensing and partnerships, Dyadic believes that our core competencies will help enable novel biological processes, for example, either by fermentation or through the use of enzyme catalysts.

A growing market
Dyadic is intent on becoming the global leader in providing proprietary biologically-based process solutions for the discovery and manufacture of bulk, specialty and fine chemicals, including agricultural chemicals, organics, drugs and plastic materials, to name but a few. Included in the potential chemicals market is the manufacturing of major chemicals, plastics, resins, vitamins, and compounds used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, enzymes for use as catalysts, and polymers and fibers for use in textiles.

Dyadic’s business strategy utilizes the integrated C1 platform technology to discover, develop and manufacture novel biomolecules derived from the earth’s gene pool with leaders in relevant segments of the chemical industry, ranging from commodity to high-end pharmaceutical intermediates.

Products for Bio-based Chemicals

Dyadic CMAX™ – is a liquid cellulase (carbohydrase enzyme) preparation produced by the submerged fermentation of Myceliophthora thermophila that can effectively be used for the degradation of various lignocellulosic biomass substrates for conversion of biomass to glucose.
Dyadic CMAX™