Mission and Strategy

Dyadic uses its proprietary C1 platform technology to discover and develop novel genes and other biological products from eukaryotic organisms found in the full spectrum of the earth’s biodiversity. Once useful genes are isolated, Dyadic uses its integrated platform to manufacture specific proteins, doing so more rapidly and efficiently — and with a much higher rate of success than existing gene discovery systems.

Dyadic leverages its proprietary technology platform to discover novel genes and biological products for use by its strategic partners, and to further its own R&D efforts.

Dyadic seeks strategic alliances with major leaders in the agricultural, bioenergy, industrial enzyme, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries that have in-house genomic capabilities. Dyadic will also collaborate with companies whose genomic capabilities are limited, discovering and expressing biological materials for these strategic partners.

In addition, Dyadic, using these proprietary systems, will continue to commercialize enzymes for use in targeted markets, including the animal nutrition, detergent, ethanol, pulp and paper, biopharmaceutical, starch and textile industries.

Dyadic expects to generate revenue from its product sales, revenue generated from research and development services and funding as well as revenue generated from licensing and other strategic collaborations in the form of milestone and royalty payments.